Bart Rooms

15 years of 250 art projects

We have been developing projects in the world of art, music and mixed media.

Having built a strong network and unique expertise in these fields.

From the first idea to the realization of the project.

Combining classic, transmedial and contemporary art forms into aesthetically pleasing and well-thought-out projects.

Our expertise & hands-on project management gets it artfully done


  • Broad view and understanding of art in general; mainstream and underground, from the street to the highbrow gallery.
  • High production skills for the development of art projects aimed towards youngsters – e.g. in museums & public spaces
  • Great familiarity with youth culture and the living environment of contemporary youngsters
  • Social media and multimedia savvy
  • An extensive network of proven freelancers and enthusiasts to collaborate with, depending on the requirements of each project

Our portfolio comprises art, audio and video performances, (mixed) media installations, apps, music, television, educational projects and copywriting.

Our clients:

  • cultural sector (museums, cultural centers, organizations & governments)
  • colleges & universities
  • business-to-culture initiatives
  • B2B environments
  • semi-commercial assignments with artistic content
  • consultancy for TV-productions (brainstorm sessions, consulting & research for TV-formats)

I’ve shared my expertise on various occasions, as a keynote speaker on educational and cultural seminars.


Cross-media art solutions

Spotlight on that art!
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Audio production

”With the diabolical sound comin’ through your speaker”
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Bart Rooms
Oudstrijdersstraat 19
2140 Borgerhout – Antwerp

+32(0)473 57 05 28

VAT: BE 0509932364
IBAN: BE61 4129 1961 2117

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