Entry #41

An audiovisual art installation consisting of a visual cut-up collage of fragments and ideas from VALIS by Philip K. Dick, The Bilble’s Psalm 31, the ‘Sophia Jesu Christi’ tractate, and Nixon speeches

>> All txt info, video & music DL on http://bit.ly/1gcPySk

Written, directed & edited by Davy Reggers
Soundtrack produced & performed by McEnroes – a NAPE Records production – www.naperecords.com

Compositions inspired by the album ‘Sister’ by Sonic Youth

Special thanx:

Sofie Saufage (lighting, camera & post-production) – www.anderewereldfilms.com
Koen De Roovere (method acting)

First showing on ‘One Armed Man 2014 – The Year 2525’, an independent art exposition & happening in Antwerp – Belgium, September-October 2014 = www.onearmedman.com